Pumpkin Seed Oil for Skincare

Pumpkin seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids, as well as vitamin E and zinc, allowing it to help skin retain higher levels of moisture. The presence of antioxidants aid skin in fighting free radicals, and can lead to anti-aging benefits.  In fact, pumpkin seed oil can even be used to help wounds heal more quickly, and can be used to combat acne.

As a hair treatment, pumpkin seed oil can help negate the effects of 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme known to slow or even stop hair growth.  So, by applying the oil to the scalp, it is possible to grow a thicker, fuller head of hair.

With its mild flavor and aroma, pumpkin seed oil is often chosen for its potential culinary applications.  Its overall color is a golden green, and contains multiple nutritional benefits including antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids.

Compared to some other options, pumpkin seed oil is fairly delicate.  It is highly temperature sensitive, so it is best kept by storing it in a refrigerator.  Additionally, it is not ideal for cooking, so it is best used in its natural state, such as in salad dressings.

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