Safflower Oil for Skincare

Safflower oil is a top selection in skin care products for its high level of moisturizing benefits and it general stability.  Generally considered odorless, safflower oil can be combined with other products without affecting overall scent.

A good source of essential fatty acids, safflower oil can help even the driest skin retain more moisture by creating a barrier that holds water in.  When used on the face and body, most users will see improved skin texture and tone, creating a more youthful appearance.  The presences of linoleic acid also makes safflower oil an ideal selection for acne prone skin, and it is also less irritating that mineral oils and lanolin, which may make it an excellent alternative treatment for those who experience skin sensitivity after certain treatments.

Food grade options may also provide nutritional benefits such as lower cholesterol.  It is considered shelf-stable and only needs to avoid extreme heat or excessive amounts of light.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. The benefits of skincare oils will vary greatly depending on the quality of the oil.