Shea Nut Oil for Skincare

Shea nut oil is made from the fruit of the Shea tree, also known as the karite tree. Similar to butter, where milk is beaten until fat rises to the top, shea butter is made when the nuts from the Shea tree are cracked, grilled and boiled until the rich butter rises to the top.

An indulgent, thick skincare oil that occurs as a byproduct during the production of Shea butter, Shea nut oil leaves dry skin feeling ultra-hydrated and nourished. Similar to coconut oil, shea nut oil can get a little thick in colder temperatures but will easily turn back into normal consistency if you run it under warm tap water.

Because of it’s high levels of fatty acids, antioxidants, Vitamin E and Vitamin A (these four nutrients are like the Avengers of the skincare world!) Shea nut oil naturally leaves skin feeling smooth, youthful and radiant. Continued, consistent use helps to heal damaged, dry, and cracked skin. Try using it after the shower when the pores on your body have opened up and can absorb the nutrients without leaving any residue.

Best Uses:

  • Body Oil for Extremely Dry Skin

  • Treatment for Dry Skin Areas (Elbows, Knees, Hands, Feet)

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