Tamanu Oil for Skincare

Tamanu Oil is one of our absolute favorite skincare oils! You’ll actually find it’s one of the key ingredients in our Rejuvenating Face Oil. Made from the seed of the fruit of the tamanu tree which can be found across South and East Asia, creating this oil is a process that requires months of patience as the kernels have to dry for months before oil can be pressed.

The texture of this oil is pretty thick and sticky, and it tends to solidify (similar to coconut oil) at colder temperatures. Don’t let this scare you away, because this greenish oil has incredible healing properties. Used for it’s potent antibacterial and regenerative properties, tamanu oil is a known remedy for acne and acne scarring. It’s ability to promote the growth of new skin tissue and accelerate the process of healing make it a powerfully potent skincare oil to add to your beauty regimen.

Best Uses:

  •      Facial Oil for Acne Prone Skin

  •      Facial Oil to Help Heal Acne Scars

  •      Facial Oil for Uneven Skintone

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