Hair Oil How-To: Frequently Asked Questions About our Luxury Oil Treatment


Long overdue and much requested, here’s the A to Z on our Luxury Oil Treatment.

I’ve never heard of hair oil. What is it?

Hair oils have been used for centuries, in many different cultures, as a way of maintaining shiny, luxurious locks. Oils mimic the scalp’s own nutrients, help to foster healthy hair growth and protect hair from damage. Our formula, inspired by Ayurvedic hair oils from India, is a light hair treatment with organic coconut, grape seed and Argan oils infused with natural botanicals, sandalwood and saffron.

How does hair oil help my hair?

The organic oils in our Luxury Oil Treatment help to moisturize the scalp and nourish hair by fortifying it from within. Our exclusive blend of Ayurvedic botanicals, including Yerba de Tago and licorice root, help to stimulate healthy hair growth. Aside from the oil itself, the act of massaging one’s scalp stimulates blood flow and encourages healthy hair growth.

Is Kumari Luxury Hair Oil Treatment right for my hair type?

Do you have dry hair? Yes. Do you have dull hair? Yup. Does it help with split ends? Yes, again. Even thin, oily hair can benefit from this treatment. Our hair treatment is formulated for almost every hair type, so if you’re looking for a natural way to deep condition and nourish your hair, try it out!

I’ve never used hair oil before. How do I apply it?

Our Luxury Oil Treament is a pre-shampoo deep-conditioning treatment. You can apply it to your hair while it’s dry, about 30 minutes before showering. If your hair needs a little extra TLC then try applying it the night before and washing it out the following morning.

Jiya Beauty (formerly Kumari Luxury) founder, Aarti Gala, shows us how to apply the Luxury Oil Treatment in this video:

And remember, don’t over saturate your hair. You’ll be surprised, a little goes a very long way!

Once you’re ready, hop in the shower and shampoo to remove the treatment. Long hair (longer than shoulder length) may require shampooing twice. If you have dry hair, follow up with a light conditioner. Otherwise, style as you normally would.

Oil? Won’t that make my hair greasy?

Ouch! You’re hurting our feelings. While, your first instinct might be to think that oil would make your scalp greasy, actually the opposite is true. Our hair oil treatment helps nourish your scalp, breaks up build-up from styling products and will actually leave your hair moisturized, yet cleansed. You might even find (like many of our happy customers!) that using this hair oil will help to prevent your scalp from overproducing unnecessary oils.

Oh no, it’s winter and my hair oil looks solid and opaque. What should I do?

No need for panic. The natural, organic coconut oil in our formula can cause the liquid treatment to solidify at colder temperatures. We didn’t want to add any nasty chemicals to prevent this from happening. If you sit the bottle in a bowl of warm water, it will return to it’s beautiful amber liquid state.

What do you think? Did we cover everything? If you still have questions, let us know in the comments below!

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