Tips to Transition from Summer to Fall


Is it just me, or does it feel as though right as the dog days of summer turn into chilly autumn mornings, a nasty little cold settles in? Or, if not, a general feeling of fatigue takes over as the days get shorter and sunlight becomes more scarce.

Nature’s transition between the seasons can take a toll on the body, from an adjusting immune system all the way to your skin feeling totally out of wack. In Ayurveda, this period of time when the weather is in transition is called Ritu Sandhi (literally, season junction), and is considered a crucial time to maintain balance in the body. Every year, I make a conscious effort to help myself mentally and physically transition into autumn, which with its beautiful colors and crisp, cool air is probably one of my favorite times of year!

Time to Detox

If you’re guilty of skipping the salad and reaching straight for the burgers and fries all summer long, you’re not the only one. Right now is the ideal time for ridding your body of some of the toxins that have been building up throughout the summer, whether this means eliminating some guilty pleasures out of your diet or doing a full-on cleanse.  Think of it as an apology to your liver after months of binging on margaritas. There are a variety of little things you can do to help your body detox, like switching out your morning coffee for a detox tea or incorporating some hot cold water therapy into your bath routine.

Cultivate Balance

When it comes to seasonal changes, balance is key. Since autumn is all about rapid change, coolness and dryness, making a smooth transition means focusing on the qualities of warmth, nourishment and stability. You can set the tone by cultivating a sense of warmth and coziness in your home: add a plush blanket or some pillows to the sofa, switch the bright summer colors to some deep, rich autumn hues.

This time of year I find is the also perfect time to get back to a daily meditation practice. There are different types of meditation that work for difference folks, but my favorite has always been the practice of Pranayam, or purposeful, yogic breathing.


And of course, shift your eating habits with the season. Considering the abundance of wonderful squashes and delicious fruits this time of year, opting for nourishing, hydrating foods should be a cinch.

Ward Off Winter Woes


Autumn is the precursor for winter (ugh!), which means that the days are only getting shorter and colder. Make a habit of your morning routine, being sure to add things that have you excited about waking up, like a favorite tea or a new podcast to listen to as you get ready. Sticking to this will help you out when the mornings don’t get bright until you’re on your second cup of coffee.

If you’re like me, cold weather also wreaks havoc on your complexion. Before your skin starts getting dull, give it some extra TLC. Start dry brushing before you shower and incorporate a rich moisturizer into your routine – like our Nourishing Body Oil and Rejuvenating Face Oil. Your winter skin will thank you for taking care of it well ahead of time!


What tips and tricks do you have for transitioning into colder weather? Share with us in the comments below!



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